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                Corporate Culture

                Company Commitment:All for Good Medicine, All for Mankind’s Health

                Company Tenet:Excellent Qality Overflow Service  Clients Paramountcy  Mutual Benifit

                Company Spirit:  Loyal and Sincere  Pursueing Excellence  Winning Tomorrow

                Company Style:Preciseness and Efficiency   Wills at obtaining

                         "To make good medicine, be an upright person first” is the faith and ethic of CSPC staffs, and it fosters the unique enterprise culture of CSPC. Persisting in the corporate tenet of “All for good medicine, all for mankind’s health” and “People-oriented development & harmonious development”, CSPC creates the best humanistic environment for staffs through its concern, respect and trust, and forms the corporate culture of “honest, upright, wisdom, faith & excellence” and “fairness, benevolence, diligency & altruism”. Meanwhile, the CSPC actively participates in the public welfare undertaking and shoulder the large enterprise’s social responsibility, and it has won good public praise.

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                  Address:No.236 Huanghe Street, Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China